Schumann Studio Video Session Information

Scheduling a Video Recording Session:

  1. Please email and include the following:

    1. Your name

    2. Your cell phone number

    3. Instrument

      • If you are not a pianist, do you need to use the piano?

      • Do you need us to recommend a collaborative pianist?

    4. Repertoire (include Composer, Piece, and Movements you will perform)

    5. What college or competition are you applying to attend?

      1. Are there specific recording or video file requirements?

      2. What is the deadline for your recording?

    6. What are ideal dates and times? 

    7. If you are comfortable answering the following questions, we may be able to better assist you in your session:

      • Is this your first professional recording session? 

      • If you are a pre-college student, what is your age?

      • What is your teacher's name?

    8. What is your zip code?

  2. We will respond with available times and dates, and an invoice that can be paid online.

  3. Please respond with the time and date that works for you and include your payment confirmation number.

  4. You will know your recording has been scheduled when you receive a confirmation email and with confirmation that we have received your payment.

Your session:

Please come to 3953 24th Street at your designated time, dial 8 and press CALL on the call box. You will be buzzed in the front door and we will meet you at the end of the hallway. 


It is best to park on the street nearby. There are metered spaces on 24th street, and if you’re lucky, you might find a free spot on parallel streets (where there are 2 hour limits). Please be advised that parking enforcement officers are vigilant in this neighborhood. 

After your recording:

  1. At the end of your session, if you are already able to identify your chosen take for each piece, we will "rush" your post production, and you should have your final files in the next 2-3 days.

  2. If you need to review your performances before choosing a take, we will send your un-mixed session audio files for review via Google Drive. These files will be unedited and will have unmixed reference audio only.

  3. After reviewing the session audio files, please indicate your preferred take. 

  4. Your chosen take will be spliced to remove talking and tuning, and high quality audio will be mastered and synced to your video.

  5. After requesting your take, please allow 10 business days for completion of post production editing and mastering. Please discuss any deadlines you have with your engineer on the day of your session.


  • The piano is tuned and regulated once a month. The cost for an additional tuning is $250, and requires 6 weeks notice.

  • All material recorded for the purpose of pre-screening auditions and/or competitions should be unedited full takes. We are unable to honor requests for edits for material that will be submitted for auditions and/or competitions. We are pleased to offer editing services for your professional projects or demo recordings.

  • Please review your recording immediately. All recordings will be removed from our storage drives after 30 days. At this point, any source material will be irretrievable.

  • It is common for issues to arise when uploading audition or prescreening videos. Please upload your videos to your applications 10 days in advance of the deadline so that there will be enough time for us to help you with any potential issues. We want to help you put your best foot forward, but we are not always available to handle last minute requests. Video conversions, re-syncing, or downsizing of files sometimes becomes necessary when attempting to upload videos to certain platforms. Please plan ahead! Thank you!