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About Elizabeth

Dr. Elizabeth Schumann is a concert pianist, a passionate educator, and a meticulous recording engineer and producer, whose career spans across an array of musical domains. Her exceptional ability to discern and shape sound, cultivated through years of perfecting her piano virtuosity, brings a refined artistic sensibility to her audio engineering practice and fosters a collaborative, respectful environment for musicians. 


Beginning her musical career as a pianist, Dr. Schumann won critical acclaim for her performances around the globe. The Washington Post notably characterized her playing as “deft, relentless, and devastatingly good—the sort of performance you experience not so much with your ears as your solar plexus.” She has graced the stages of the Kennedy Center, Vienna’s Bösendorfer Saal, Australia’s Huntington Festival, Toronto’s Koerner Hall, and has been featured on National Public Radio’s “Performance Today”. The first place winner at the Bösendorfer International Piano Competition and the Pacific International Piano Competition, she was awarded among over 25 other prizes in major competitions, including the prestigious Gilmore Young Artists Award.


Dr. Schumann’s audio engineering education began at the Cleveland Institute of Music, where she had the opportunity to study under the tutelage of eminent figures such as Paul Blakemore and Alan Bise. Building on a deep musical background, this training empowered her to translate her artistic visions into the technicalities of sound engineering. In 2016, she founded the Schumann Studio, a recording space in San Francisco, where she applies her high standards to nurture and capture artistic brilliance.


Dr. Schumann’s commitment to music is not confined to her performing and studio recording, but extends to her teaching work as well. She is the Billie Bennett Achilles Director of Keyboard Studies at Stanford University, and has also served on the faculty at the Perlman Music Program, Juilliard's Summer and Winter Performing Arts, and the Crowden Chamber Workshop. 


At the heart of her work is her dedication to the act of creation, her pursuit of excellence, and her mission to build bridges through the transformative power of music. 

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