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Studio Policies​

  • We need to emphasize that Schumann Studio is a private studio, not a public space. Please be respectful. 

  • Masks must be worn in all areas of the building (hallways, foyer, bathroom, control room, etc) and can only be removed in the performance space if your recording requires it. Parents and teachers must be masked at all times. Please put on your mask before coming in the front door, as we are respecting our building neighbors and the HOA which requires masking in the building.

  • Client conduct: We reserve the right to refuse service to any client who exhibits inappropriate or unprofessional behavior during a session

  • Microphone Movement by Clients: Clients are strictly prohibited from moving or adjusting microphones. Our professional audio engineers are responsible for positioning the microphones to ensure optimal recording quality. Unauthorized movement of microphones may lead to poor audio quality or even render the recordings unusable. Clients who fail to comply with this policy may be held responsible for any additional costs incurred due to the need for retakes or additional editing.

  • Please do not eat anywhere inside the studio building. 

  • Please do not come more than 10 minutes early to your session unless explicitly invited. We can not answer the buzzer during sessions, and we need at least 15 minutes between clients to completely filter the air for your safety. Thank you for your understanding.

  • Please email all specific requests a week ahead of your session so that your session will be efficient.

  • Please allow 10 business days for completion of post production editing and mastering. If you need your files rushed, please discuss this with your engineer. 

  • File Management Policy: Please review your files immediately upon receipt. Your session files will be stored for 7 days after your recording session. Ensure appropriate backups are made within this timeframe. Schumann Music Studio is not responsible for data loss after 7 days.

  • The piano is tuned and regulated once a month. If you want us to schedule a special tuning directly before your session, the cost to is $250, and requires 8 weeks notice.

  • Please remember that the microphones will be placed close to your instrument. Overplaying is not necessary and will not result in a beautiful sounding recording. 

  • The charge for the piano technician's visit if a client breaks a string is $250; this charge will be passed on to the client. We have never had a broken string on our instrument in the five years we have owned it. Pianists, please do not be proud of breaking strings; it means that you have overplayed the instrument, and the piano is damaged for everyone else.

  • The reason for the pay-to-reserve policy is that we become fully booked and have to turn people away during the busy season. If clients cancel at the last minute, it’s too late for us to book the people we turned away. When clients cancel and get refunded, we still have to pay for the space and the engineer’s fee, so we request payment for reservation to ensure that people are serious about their sessions before they book. In cases of emergency, we will do our best to find another client willing to switch times with you, but it is not simple, so we can not make a guarantee. Thank you for understanding.

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