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​Offering a superior audition video will make your application stand out. We specialize in classical music audition videos and can help you put your best foot forward.

On specific dates, we bring in a basic video system and offer a special rate for two hour video sessions. Reservations are $350 each, and the package includes three free video files synced to high quality audio. ​

Please contact us at to book an audition video session. Please give as many details as possible so that we can help you efficiently. 

Before your audition session:

Please review our Frequently Asked Questions for advice on where to park, what to wear, what to expect, and most importantly, how to prepare!


Please come to our studio at 3953 24th Street, dial 8 and press CALL on the call box. You will be buzzed in the front door and we will meet you at the end of the hallway. 


Important: Please do not buzz more than 10 minutes early; we can only accommodate one set of clients at a time and we can not pick up your call during a session. 


After your audition session:
  • At the end of your session, if you are already able to identify your chosen take for each piece, we will "rush" your post production, and you should have your final files in the next 2-3 days.

  • If you need to review your performances before choosing a take:

  1. We will send your un-mixed session audio files for review via Google Drive. These files will be unedited and will have unmixed reference audio only.

  2. After reviewing the session audio files, please indicate your preferred take. 

  3. Your chosen take will be spliced to remove talking and tuning, and high quality audio will be mastered and synced to your video.

  4. After requesting your takes, please allow 10 business days for completion of post production editing and mastering.

  5. Your files will be delivered via Google Drive. (You don't need a hard drive at your session.)

  • Please discuss deadlines and timelines with your engineer. 

  • If you need more than 3 video files, we thank you in advance for respecting our engineers' time. Instead of asking them to spend their free time syncing and exporting extra takes for you, you can discuss post production for extra files, which is charged at $80/hour.

Parable of the New Mix

In the heart of a bustling town, SMS Studio stood as a beacon for passionate performers. Its reputation wasn’t only built on cutting-edge equipment but largely on the precision and dedication of its engineer, Cody.


SMS had crafted a unique 2-hour package, where performers could create and walk away with three masterfully produced videos. At the close of each session, Cody would proudly play back the mix, ensuring performers were content before they departed.


However, occasionally, performers would change their minds, days after they'd heard and approved their recorded mix. External opinions and fresh perspectives led to new requests. More reverb here, a volume tweak there.


Behind each 'simple' adjustment was an intricate dance of logistics. Due to SMS’s busy schedule, Cody sometimes had to wait several days before he could access the studio for revisions. On other days, Cody was committed elsewhere, recording on location.


When finally the stars aligned for a revision, Cody would journey from his home, navigate city traffic, secure parking, and then immerse himself in the detailed art of mixing. The process wasn’t merely about turning a few knobs; it was about realigning the piece, re-exporting, syncing, and ensuring perfection in every frame and note.


To reflect this dedication and intricate process, SMS introduced a fee for additional exports. It wasn’t about monetizing; it was about articulating the effort, expertise, and time that went into every revision.


The parable of the new mix at SMS serves as a gentle reminder: behind every art piece are layers of dedication, effort, and countless unseen hours. And just as Cody pours his expertise into every mix, so too do the artists pour their heart and soul into every performance. In this dance of creation, both artist and engineer are bound by their shared pursuit of perfection.

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