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Our studio stands as a sanctuary of music and creativity, and we are privileged to open its doors to the musical community. If you're considering renting our private space, please be mindful of the following guidelines:


  • Reservation: Secure your spot by booking and paying in advance.

  • Rates: The minimum rental period is a 4-hour half day, priced at $500. Additional hours are $125/hour. 

  • Professional Oversight: Regardless of the purpose of your rental, a dedicated engineer will be present to assist and oversee.

  • Our Trust in You: Our studio is a reflection of our passion and dedication to music. We trust those who rent to treat the space with utmost respect. Events such as parties are strictly prohibited. The occupancy limit is seven individuals, and food and alcohol is not allowed.

  • Right of Refusal: In order to maintain the integrity and purpose of our space, we reserve the right to decline reservations based on intended use.


Your respect and understanding help us foster an inclusive environment while maintaining the integrity of our studio. Thank you for treating our private space with the reverence it deserves.

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